Use of Funds

Use of Donations by Sirimangalo International

Please bear with us as we update our records and consolidate them here for the public to see. Amounts are in Canadian dollars.


Expenses for August 2015
Expense View Amount
Air Conditioning Unit $168.37
Groceries (from $275.42 USD) $389.50
Internet Connection $50.79
Mobile Phone $28.25
Rent (4 months) $6,400.00
Web Hosting $62.84
Total $7099.75




Web Hosting – 2012

Amazon Bill for March 2012
Amazon Bill for April 2012
Amazon Bill for May 2012
Amazon Bill for June 2012
Amazon Bill for July 2012
Amazon Bill for August 2012
Amazon Bill for September 2012
Amazon Bill for October 2012
Amazon Bill for November 2012

2 thoughts on “Use of Funds

  1. Mihin, one of our friends here in Sri Lanka and a professional with broad knowledge about book keeping, budgeting and so on has prepared a a new sheet for the monthly overvie of our expenses. He has all the dates and he will work together with me every month to keep this site updated. He gathered almost all dates he needed and tries to upload the new table soon. We included columns for Sri Lankan Rupees and the convertion in US dollar.

  2. As explained above, I have inserted the table showing the figures . Since I was editing this for the first time, I wasn’t sure which type of file would be best suited to insert here. I tried inserting a “pdf” file, but it didnt work. Then I inserted a jpg file which is displayed above… If someone can advise me which type is best to show an Excel format, it would appear better (bigger fonts etc). As it is, one has has to click on the table to enlarge it.. We have added Manju’s salary as well on the table, which is the main addition to the numbers that appeard before. Please let me know if any other changes, information are needed so we can fine tune this..

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