April update

Hi guys,

Just wanted to let you all know that we have now gotten the grant approved for the Ekayana Magga Aranya, and the final steps in the administrational side of things are done – at least the part I can comment on, I know we have other hard working people, kudos to you as well 🙂

If you don’t know what I am talking about, just head over to the Org.Sirimangalo.Org page and check it out.

I thought it would be good to formally let you all know (this is formally), since the last post was only making clear that the process had begun. This essentially means, all is good and we can feel happy that ven. Bhante, Ayya, meditators and the monastery are supported by the goodness of the quite wonderful thing this organization/community has turned into.

Thanks to everyone for the continued interest and support, may you all find peace, happiness and freedom from suffering.


Org. News

Hi everyone,

Just a short news update on the the Ekayana Magga Aranya centre. We have now begun the formal process of filling paperwork so that the centre (www.lanka.sirimangalo.org) will be able to survive the current struggles with not being able to receive the support.

Thanks to a wonderful support in this work, the foundation in America, Sirimangalo International, is now able to make sure that the Ekayana Magga Aranya in Sri Lanka, can receive exactly that.
So it appears that on the financial side, it will be possible to pay the bills and Manju
– rejoice everyone, and thank you for the continued support ( :


Best Wishes