old news

Still waiting for some decisions here, but there seems to be some need to let the broader community of people who wonder what I’m up to know what I’m up to, so…

As mentioned, there are some issues with the property we’ve chosen; some fairly significant repairs/upgrades have to take place if we’re going to stay here.  Good news is the projected size of the property is now 40 acres, instead of 15.

There are other issues, though, including mortgage approval, financing, and running a meditation centre outside of the city.  The mortgage issues are what we are waiting on now, but even if the mortage is approved, we still have to be sure we can run the place.  The main issue there, from my point of view, is lack of a registered charity, which means inability to accept donations for the centre.  This, along with a paucity of dedicated supporters of the project (understandable given the timeframe) has made it quite a burden on the few hardcore supporters we do have.

All of this has made me suggest that we might be better off moving back to Winnipeg for the time being; when we were there, we saw much more consistent support and enthusiasm, which, again, is to be expected.  Though 50 km is hardly remote by Canadian standards, providing food and maintanence has been challenging.  For a fledgeling organization, we may have bit off more than we can chew.  That’s what we’re discussing now.
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