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Hi everyone,

Just a short news update on the the Ekayana Magga Aranya centre. We have now begun the formal process of filling paperwork so that the centre ( will be able to survive the current struggles with not being able to receive the support.

Thanks to a wonderful support in this work, the foundation in America, Sirimangalo International, is now able to make sure that the Ekayana Magga Aranya in Sri Lanka, can receive exactly that.
So it appears that on the financial side, it will be possible to pay the bills and Manju
– rejoice everyone, and thank you for the continued support ( :


Best Wishes

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    • Hi Peter,
      Yes I don’t think anything in that regard has changed, but I think it might since we are looking for someone new to administer the non-profit foundation in America. I hope we can get this sorted out in the nearest future, as I understand it, either closing the US foundation entirely or finding some new support on that end.
      So far, the support given will go through there as I understand it.

      Hope it helps, I am not perfectly integrated with it all so we’ll just have to do our best 🙂


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